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    No cut-aways, one take.

    Crew members threatened to quit and begged him not to do it.

    The cameraman looked away while rolling.

    A six ton prop.

    It brushes his arm as it comes down.

    And he doesn’t even flinch.

    Buster fucking Keaton, everyone.

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    Graham McKay (Misfits’ Architecture) on Kazuo Shinohara’s Houses

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    You and I

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    Last House on Holland Island, May 2010.

    The winter storms early in 2010 took a severe toll on this proud remnant of another century and another way of life. The brick skirting around the foundation has been washed away and the entire foundation on the right (south) side is gone. Both nor’easters, which can raise the bay level by two feet and kick up waves of five feet, and extreme spring tides will flood the first floor. Photo: Baldeaglebluff (via).

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  12. Some of the icons I designed for the Made in Brunel magazine.

    Pick up a copy at the show this weekend 12 - 15 June, at the Bargehouse, OXO tower, London.

    Register here!